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What Our Customers Are Saying!

WOW...Amazingly fragranced candles that scent & perfume your entire home. Vanilla caramel is simply divine & definitely competes with candle leaders Glasshouse!


Excellent! - The candles were amazing, the fragrance could be smelt all through house!


I love this product. I have been using them for years. the scents are divine. My current favourite is Champagne and strawberries. But I love them all!! 

Sharon S.

Best Candles Ever! - If you haven't tried Lulubell candles, then you MUST! I love candles and have bought many, many different brands over the years and I must say Lulubell candles are the best. Their fragrance is second to none (I would go so far as to say better than Glasshouse!), they are beautifully packaged, and delivery is always prompt. There's a great variety to choose from, they are so reasonably priced, so fantastic value for money. Do yourself a favour… order some and try for yourself. You will be so glad you did.


I just used my first Lulubell melt that I bought at the markets. OMG. They are absolutely divine. Their smell lasts sooo long. I'm using Nag Champa today. The smell is really authentic. I will be buying many more. I love it when my home smells so beautiful.


Luscious & Lovely! - I came across Lulubell at my local markets and was impressed by the presentation of their products at their stall and the scent range they had on offer. I bought some of the soy wax melts and took them home to try. My oh my was I blown away by how beautiful my house smelt after only five minutes of burning in an oil burner. And one cube goes a long! So far my favourite fragrances are Black Raspberry and Black Orchid. I love these melts and will be buying them for friends and family to enjoy too!


I have a hard time choosing which one to burn each time. I have Fresh Linen, Musk, Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Vanilla Caramel. I recommend getting some to make your house smell wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


Bought some melts at the markets yesterday. Omg they are devine, I have never had melts that have lasted longer then a couple of hrs and I can smell, unlike the others where I can smell only when I'm standing right next to them! French vanilla bourbon! Omg


These candles are just sensational! Nice, strong scent that lasts for ages AND so do the candles. Do yourself a favour and grab some of these amazing candles!


Lulubell Legends


Diffuse It

Choose from one of our amazing Reed Diffusers to give your favourite space a constant 24/7 fragrance.  Lulubell's Reed Diffusers are a fabulous no-flame alternative to fragrance your home or office, and also make the perfect gift.  Great smelling & long lasting these lovelies will last 6-9 months.

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Melt It

Lulubell's Double Scent Soya Wax Melts.  Contain 6 powerful blocks with each one containing a minimum of 7 hrs full fragrance melt time, thats a whopping 42 hrs per pack. Choose your favourite fragrance and add a pack of matching scented Tea-lights to go with your favourite Wax Melter.  

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Light It

Lulubell's Triple Scent Hero's are our pride and joy!  tried and true throughout the years our Triple Scent Candles are one of the best on the market today! For those of you who love the authentic ambiance of a flame generated fragrance, these hero's are a great choice. Once you've tried them you will never go back!

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