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Candle Subscription -  Lulubell Candles

Candle Subscription

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PLEASE NOTE:  Afterpay is not available for Subscriptions.

NEW & IMPROVED Lulubell Candle Subscriptions shipped direct to your door each month or every 2 or 3 months, YES! you can choose the frequency you receive your Candle Subscription to suit your product needs. 

You can also select your favourite fragrances and the type of products you would like to receive with each delivery to ensure you receive only your preferred products.

Select from one our subscriptions options, choose the frequency for your delivery along with your product preferences and get started today.

Choose above from 1 of our 3 subscription options:

$39 Subscription (plus shipping) Total $48.95

$59 Subscription (includes shipping)

$79 Subscription (includes shipping)

Then select your fragrance preferences along with the product types you would like to receive with each delivery.